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Account transfer, account statements, branches, auto deposit.* Transfer Money to all commercial banks, micro-finance banks and mobile money wallets in Nigeria with the lowest charges.

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Start banking online instantly Vbanking is the fastest, simplest way to start online banking in Nigeria and Any other place in the world From signup, you get your account number and instantly begin your online transactions Your data and card information are secured! We work with payment processors that are PCI-DSS-compliant to handle all our members and customers’ card details. * You can withdraw or transfer your savings anytime you need it, with a token charges apply .

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VBanking helps its members and consumers to easily cultivate the habit of savings

Complete Freedom

Complete Account Statement. Automated Deposit Method.


Online Banking , Withdraw/ Deposits through the most optimal channels, ensuring your peace of mind in online Banking


Own bank Transfer. Others bank transfer. E-currency Methods.

Save and invest for your future:

Above all, over 50,000 businesses love VBanking because we’re a team that’s obsessed with your Business and company’s growth. The mission of Vbanking is to help individuals businesses in Africa and around the world bring banking even closer to be profitable, envied, and loved, and every thing we do - from the features we build to how we hire - is done with a single goal: to guarantee your personal and business’ success.


Safer and easier way to bank online. Our service allows anyone to Bank online, Transfer to bank accounts and without sharing financial information.